Tips To Prepare For Your Wedding Day

Your Wedding Day On Budget!

Cally Sunset copyA wedding is the most beautiful occasion not only for the couple-to-be but also for their parents, friends, and guests. Ever since you met your soul mate, you must be busy dreaming how your wedding ceremony will be, how will you look as a bride or groom, what kind of future the both of you will have, and so on.

However, wedding involves so much, you need to give attention to so many details that it can leave you tired and stressed, and this is certainly not good. After all, it is your big day and you need to enjoy every bit of it and just have fun. But, how is this possible? Well, if you plan properly following the below given tips, a stress-free and perfect wedding is indeed possible.

1. The Size

The groom and the wedding partyDiscuss with your fiancé what size you want your wedding to be. If the
number is less than 100, it will be intimate and you will get the chance to speak to everyone at least once. However, if you choose to make it anything more than 200, it is large and you will not get the chance to interact with everyone.

It will be wise to make a list, firstly write the names of those guests you certainly want to invite, and then those guests you will invite if you have space (remember you will have to think about the venue also, and that will have a great affect on your wedding cost).

2. Your Budget

Discuss the amount of money to spend on the weddingDeciding the wedding cost, your budget, is very important. Sit with your partner and decide what kind of wedding you have dreamed of, you both may have completely different ideas. Do you want a Humanist Ceremony, a Church Ceremony, or a Blessing?

After doing this, you need to look at your budget so that you can be realistic about your expectations, and this can help you with your planning process. Think about how much you have saved and what you can afford.

3. The Wedding Venue

Now that you have already decided the number of guests you will invite, know that your attendee ratio can be anywhere from 50-95 %. Keeping your budget in mind, you need to start searching for the venue. Local is easy to plan, but a destination wedding can be more interesting and a good way to limit the size of your guest list. If you have visited wedding venues and learned about the cost, you probably have already suffered a mild heart attack! In fact, most of the money couples waste is on the wedding venue.

Venues can be pricey, $30,000 and more. If you want to maintain your wedding cost and get a better deal, try booking on a weekday or during the off-season. In case, not inviting those not so important guests can help you save on your wedding venue, you must do so.

4. The Flowers

An option for flowers to choose when planning your weddingFlowers are so important and are an indispensable part of any wedding. However, there certainly are things you can do to make sure flowers do not upset your wedding budget. Garden roses, gardenias, and peonies certainly look beautiful, but they may affect your wedding cost and thus will not be a good choice. Instead, take suggestions from your florist to learn what flowers will look great and yet will not make you pay too much. You can do some price shopping to know what exactly you want in term of flowers.

Repurposing flowers can also help you save a lot of money. See if it is possible to take flowers off your arbor and use it as a centerpiece for the head table. It will be great if you can use the bridesmaid bouquets in vases on your cocktail tables after your wedding ceremony is over. Is it possible to use the aisle flower as centerpieces? If you can move flowers from your wedding ceremony into your reception, it can help maximize their use, and save you money.

5. The Wedding Gown

Save money on a wedding gownThis is the most fun part for some and for others it can be a bit stressful. Every girl wants to look like a princess on her wedding day, and though of course there are so many wedding gowns that can turn the dream into reality, they can be expensive.

You might like a gown in the very first shop you visit, which might be a little expensive, and you want to buy that. But, before you do so, visit few more shops, as chances are bright you may like something else that fits within your budget. End of season sales offers gowns at great discounted price, and if you can wait for that, nothing can be better.

6. Dry Cleaning Your Gown

If you want your gown to look as beautiful after use, you need to get it cleaned. Drops of wine or champagne, food, and perspiration can result in stains that can darken over time and will be difficult to remove. Though you can spot clean at home, it can be abrasive and harsh for your dress, so you should rather have it cleaned by a professional.

Washing your beautiful gown with water can damage or distort them, particularly if you wore a vintage dress. Dry cleaning is the best method, as it will prepare your gown for long-term storage. Though there are many dry cleaners you will across, you need to find the best. After all, it is your wedding dress, the most important dress of your life, so make sure you settle with only the best dry cleaner.

7. The Wedding Photographer

You certainly would want to preserve memories of the most beautiful occasion of your life, and wedding photographs helps make this possible. People hire the best photographers fast, so if you want the best, you need to hire him/her as soon as you decide your wedding date.

The best photographer will obviously charge you a good amount. If you want to stay within your budget, you can settle with someone who might not be the best, but still has a good experience, and a good portfolio to share with you.

8. A Tuxedo for the Groom and Suits for Groomsmen

It may not be the most economical decision to buy Toronto custom suits for the groomsmen but a bespoke suit for the groom would be a memorable garment for the ages that could be worn again after the wedding. Of course tradition would state that the groom should be wearing a tuxedo but the look of a well fit suit that screams sophistication could trump tradition.

Renting the groomsmen suits are recommended-but having the groomsmen rent their own suits (after you pick them out of course) is brilliant! Actually buying the suits can get pricey but depending on what the groom is wearing would determine what the groomsmen should wear. If the groom is in a tuxedo, the groomsmen could rent tuxedos. If the groom goes with a custom tailored suit then the groomsmen can consider made to measure suits as pieces they may want to keep for future event making the cost of the wedding a little less for the bride and groom.

Planning ahead of time can certainly help you save a lot. So, make sure you do not wait until the wedding day is just round the corner, and instead start planning from the very day you decide your wedding date. It will help you plan properly, with a calm mind, and the end result will be a beautiful wedding and that too within your budget.